Wink MOD APK V1.6.5.5 (Premium Unlocked) For Android 2024

Wink Mod APK is an Video Retouching tool which provide their user to download 4K videos and allow to edit with more amazing features.

Wink is an application or Online Software for editing the photos and videos with the 25+ editing features. Users who want to edit, enhance, trim, cut or want to apply any filters and effects to their videos or photos can use Wink application. Users also can enhance the photos or videos quality with using the easy editing tools of Wink. They edit their photos and videos to make them more attractive and can share the edited photos and videos on social media platforms without paying and subscription or charges.

Wink APK is a guide about using and installing the application. Users can edit their photos and videos in an easy manner. They can add frames to their photos; add stickers, texts and many other features. Wink also has a feature to make up the person as eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyelashes, blush on etc. Users also can apply auto beauty make effect to the desired photos or videos. There is wide variety of editing the facial features like nose, forehead, lips, and cheeks to make them large or small. Users can apply various features to their photos and also adjust the videos and photos according to their desire or preference.

Overview Wink Mod APK

NameWink MOD APK
Developed byMeitu (China) Limited
Version1.6.5.5 [Latest]
Mod VersionNo Ads + Unlocked All
CategoryVideo Editor
Video Quality4K
Size149.2 MB
Updated On6 hour ago

Wink Mod APK has many features to edit videos and photos perfectly in the free version, developers are Meitu (China) Limited. Users can enjoy many features in the free version but some features are locked for the professional videos and photos editor. They have to pay a subscription to use the premium features of Wink. Users can face the watermark on their videos and photos that they edit in the Wink, free version also have pop-up ads while editing the photos or videos. If users want to get their videos without having ads or watermarks in their videos, they have to buy the premium version of Wink.

Wink APK provide all premium features in an unlimited way and users can enjoy the editing without watermarking or playing any ads during the editing. Users can edit the videos and photos without any interruption and in an easy way can share the edited videos and photos on social media platforms easily. It is basically a video enhancing tool but due to its all editing features, it can be considered the best video or photo editor which has all tools that help the users to edit the photos or videos in all ways simply.

Importance to use Wink Mod APK:

Wink Mod APK is a popular platform for the editors who take interest in uploading their video or photo content to social media platforms. Social media is becoming more engaging activity for the users who create videos, posts or reels to their profile like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat or YouTube as well. There is a competitive environment for appreciating the best video or photo uploading to the social media profiles. Users do their best to rank their photos or videos through using the video and photo editor applications. They always remain in the search of the best application for the editing purpose, so, the Wink Mod APK can be the best choice for the Video or photo editor. So that, they can edit their photos or videos in an attractive manner in order to share them at their desired social media profiles.

Wink Mod APK is an enhancing and retouching application for making the videos and videos more attractive. This application has many editing tools like adding music or audio to the videos or photos, adding stickers, cropping, trimming, and cutting the videos. Users can create the Gif or animation to their videos or photos by creating 3D photos and using AI anime tool.

Wink Mod Key Features

It’s a helpful Video Retouching tool with multiple features. Get to know about its benefits for your video editing journey, check out its advanced features in detail below:

Photos and Videos editor with all editing features:

Wink Mod APK has all features that a professional editor needs to edit the videos or photos. There are bundle of sound categories as well, that can users add to their photos and videos. Texts and typing with the colorful animation and filters also available with the fonts style according to the choice of users. Users can cut, crop or trim the videos and photos according to the preference. They can change the videos or photo appearance as:

  • Increase or decrease the brightness level
  • Applying the effects and filters
  • Adjust the videos with the sharpen, HSL, Vignette or light application
  • Adding  photo frames or texts
  • Increase the photos and videos with 4k HD quality

There are many copyright free sounds that users can apply to their videos or photos. They can also apply the sound of music by importing the media from their device storage.

Face or Skin Retouching:

Wink Mod APK has the features to enhance the face or skin appearance as users can auto beautifies the face or manually can apply the makeup effects to their photos or videos to make them more attractive. Users also can retouch the skin texture or reshape the face features like nose, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, forehead, chin or lips in order to make them large or small.

Applying Templates:

Wink Mod APK has bundle of Templates which users can apply to their photos and videos. There is collection of 90+ templates which can be use by selecting the desired pictures in an easy way. Users can select the templates as per their choice and can edit the templates more for their editing satisfaction.

Adding Texts or Stickers:

Users can add text as the storyline or subtitles, headings, any phrase or sentences or any wish or advice according to their choice. Wink Mod APK has variety of Colorful textures for the text and also has all fonts’ size and style that can make the videos r pictures more attractive and more informative. Wink Mod APK has also bundle of stickers of various categories and users add them on the videos or photos in an easy way.

Making Gifs:

Users can create the 3D photos in Wink Mod APK easily. It has a feature to make the photos 3D in an attractive way, also can convert the photos in 3D format. Users can select the desired picture and can convert it in the form of Gif from the Wink’s Gif section. Export the Gif and share it anywhere or to anyone.

AI Image Repairing:

Wink Mod APK has a feature to edit and repair the AI generated images. Sometimes there are many deficiencies in images which are generated via AI. So, users can modify those AI generated images using Wink Mod APK in an efficient way. Free version can export only 10 AI generated videos or images, on the other hand, Wink Mod APK can export unlimited AI generated videos or images in an efficient way.

Applying Super Resolution:

Wink Mod APK has also a feature to apply the super resolution filter to the videos and photos with clear and flawless change in the quality of the videos and photos. You can obtain 4k exports at 60 frames per second.

Adding AI Animations or Colors:

Users can add AI color correction tool which automatically give the AI color effect with brilliant look. Users can add animations to their photos and videos by the following steps;

  1. Go to wink effects option and click on “Anime AI”.
  2. Apply Anime Eye, Anime Hair, Full Anime or Anime Twinkle as per your choice.

Modifying Body Tunes:

Wink Mod APK has tool to modify the body tune as users click “body tune” option and can tune or reshape the body as thinner, longer or boarder and the following reshaping as;

  • Make longer or thinner legs and arms
  • Change muscles shapes
  • Make slim neck, wide shoulders
  • Changing lower body like hips or thighs and reducing the waist

Users can reshape or tune the body without losing the video or image quality and edit the image or video as a natural adjustment. This body reshaping makes the video or image more attractive.

Video Playback Effects:

Users can modify the videos by applying the playback filters to give the dramatic look or feel to the video. They can apply slow motion effect or fast playing effect to the videos by whole or on any part of the video. This feature will make the video with a smooth look and make it more attractive.

Ultra HD Quality:

Users can edit the videos or photos in an ultra HD quality, they can use AI repairing tool for the better and attractive skin texture, modifying the Blur effects and color corrections. Wink Mod APK provides many filters that can apply to the videos or photos without losing the quality or resolution.

Improving Darkness or Night view:

Wink Mod APK has a feature to enhance the night or dim light view to photos or videos. It maintains the texture of night light and beneficial for the short videos or reels. Users can edit the photos with the night effect by using the low light fixing tools to make them more attractive.

Adding AI Subtitles:

It is an amazing feature of Wink Mod APK, as its AI auto generates the subtitles for storytelling to your videos. Users can import the video from their gallery or camera roll to the Wink application and its AI will generate the subtitles to the video in an easy way.

Introducing New/Additional Features:

Wink Mod APK is now introducing new features like;

  • More Portrait enhancement
  • Enhancing night appearance
  • Adding more stickers, music with no copyright and new templates
  • 4k quality photo importing feature
  • Flawless skin retouching as removing dark circles, wrinkles, spots or smoothing the skin texture
  • Contouring the jaw line, nose, chin or forehead to make the face more attractive
  • If you don’t want to edit manually, you can use the auto beauty option for all over beautifications

Requirements to Download or Use the Wink Mod APK:

You needs to know the basic system requirements for better use of Wink APK before downloading:

Android supporting version6.0 or above
CPUQuad core, 1.2GHz or more
RAM2GB or above
Storage requiredMinimum 150 MB free
Permissions allowingPhotos, camera, videos, Media
InternetRequired for downloading or updating
RootNot required

Downloading Wink Mod APK

There are following simple steps that can be used to download and install the Wink Mod APK in an easy way:

  1. First of all download the Wink mod APK from any authentic website or Google Play Store
  2. After completion of the download, open the Wink APK and there will be the option “install”, simply install the application.
  3. Now enable the “unknown Sources”, by granting the permission or allowing the access.
  4. It will install successfully, that’s it and it’s done. Open it and enjoy unlimited editing your videos and photos.

A step by step guide to use the Wink Mod APK:

  1. Open the Wink Mod APK from your device
  2. Go to gallery or camera roll, select the desired photo or video
  3. Navigate the editing features or tool which you want to apply on your photo or video
  4. If you want to refine the edges or enhance your photo or video, use retouch options
  5. Modify the photo or video by applying desired  speed, effects or transitions, do experiments with the options
  6. After applying all desired features to the photo or video, preview all editing
  7. If any setting is required, do it
  8. If satisfy then export, save and share the edited video or photo on social media platforms.

Tips to use Wink APK in best way:

If users want to edit their videos or photos with an efficient editing and professional results then they should follow the following tips:

  • Always start to edit by using simple editing tools, and after practicing go for advance options or editing
  • Always keep backup your all data regarding to edit the photos or videos
  • Use all filters to retouching the face, this can give more suitable results with a variety of retouching filters
  • Always preview the edited photos or videos before export or share
  • If you like any templates or editing, save the preset to use the same setting again
  • Use different tools in experiment sense and keep practicing about the tools using features
  • Update the app for the latest setting, fixing bugs or new features updating


Wink mod APK can be easily download and install in the Android devices. This premium application can retouch and enhance the videos and photos in an attractive way. Users can modify the face features as enlarging or slimming the nose, eyes, legs, arms, muscles or other body shapes to make the human character more attractive. There are makeup tools to make the face appearance attractive as contour, highlight, lipstick or blushing the cheeks etc. Users can convert their photos or videos in black and white looks as well.
A professional photo or video editor can edit the videos or photos by using the Wink Mod APK as like a best choice having the premium features with no ads, unlimited exporting photos and videos with no watermark. It edit the videos and photos in HD result maintaining the video or photo quality.


Which Android version can support Wink Mod APK?

There is requirement to android version 6.0 or above to use the Wink Mod APK.

What are basic requirements to use or install the Wink Mod APK in Android devices?

There are three requirements to use or install the Wink Mod APK in Android;
A Log in Account
Android 6.0 or above version
Enabling unknown sources from the Android device

What are Features of Premium Wink Mod APK?

It has premium features as:
No ads during the videos or photos editing
Unlimited video or photos exports
No watermark showing in the Videos or Photos
Unlocking all premium features

What are other Alternatives of Wink Mod APK?

This Application is best for the professional editor but it also compete many best video and photos editor;
Adobe premiere Rush
Filmora Go

What is size of Wink Mod APK application?

The size of Wink Mod APK is 149.2 MBs.

What is the latest version of Wink Mod APK?

The latest version of Wink Mod APK is

Can be Wink Mod APK is suitable for the beginners?

Yes, of course, Because of it friendly user interface, it is helpful for those beginners who are new at the editing platforms, and want to explore their editing using the simple applications. Wink Mod APK can be best choice for them; it allows the users to experiments and play with the tools and option by applying them on the videos and photos in order to get more practice or experience.

Is Wink Mod APK is compatible with other devices rather than android?

Yes, Wink Mod APK is compatible with the all devices in an easy manner. Users can use their smartphone or tablets to create or edit the videos or photos with minimum time consuming. There are 100+ templates which can make the editing in less time and with an attractive editing