How to get free gems in Wink APK

How to get free gems in Wink APK?

What is Wink APK?

Wink APK is a video retouching tool that edits not only videos but also photos. It is an application for android devices, IOS devices and also can be use in PC or laptops. Wink video retouching tool allows users the benefit to edit the videos and photos to make them more attractive with smooth and clear look. Users can use the basic editing tools as like adding stickers or frames, cropping, trimming, effects and filters, enhancing, adding tracks etc. as well.

Wink APK is also an application that provide editing features as AI modifications and can do auto beautifications, auto enhancing and auto animation to the videos and photos in a very efficient manner. It gives a professional editing look to the videos and photos. Users can edit and export the edited videos and photos in their devices or PC in order to share with the friends or at social media platforms. They can increase the video and photo quality to create the content in a professional way.

Wink Mod APK:

Wink Mod APK is an application with the premium features and tools, with no ads, AI modifications, many updated and new tools etc. Users can edit their videos in a high quality result and can avail many features that can edit the video or photo like a pro. Users can retouch and enhance the videos or photos by applying the AI features with just one click in a fast and attractive way. There are unlimited templates which can be add on the desired photos and videos to make them beautiful as like a magic.

Wink APK with Unlimited Gems:

Old versions of Wink APK are considered to the best for the unlimited gems to use all features rather than the new versions of Wink APK. New version have many updated tools and features as like AI editing with the AI enhancing, AI beautify, AI animations to the videos and photos and much more, but there are subscription also, that have to pay by the users on monthly or yearly basis.

Old versions have benefit for the users to have less pop up ads experiencing while editing the videos or photos, so users choose to edit their content in the old versions of Wink APK.

Benefits to Use or download old version of Wink APK for unlimited gems:

Old versions of Wink APK have many features for the users to easy and comfortable editing to photos and videos in the following way:

1: No ads during Editing content:

Old versions of Wink APK are considered to be beneficial as a great advantage to not facing any ad during the editing of videos and photos. New versions have new features and modifications with too many ads and users interrupt in the editing process, so, they choose old versions in order to do calm and peaceful editing experience.

2: Less device storage:

Old versions have benefits to allowing minimum storage for their less size. Users that have the low spec devices or less space in their devices or PC, they choose old versions of the Wink APK. It utilizes less space of storage and users freely download and use the Wink in their devices to edit their photos and videos. Old versions are lightweight and use less space of the device or PC for downloading, installing or using the Wink Application.

3: Unlimited Gems or tools features:

There are many features in the old versions of Wink, which can be use free without paying anything for the editing content.

Disadvantages to use Old Versions of Wink APK:

There are many features and tools which compare the performance of new versions of Wink APK and old versions of Wink APK.

Here are some disadvantages that users can face while using the old versions of Wink APK:

  • Lack of AI modifications and tools
  • Lack of utilizing new and updated features and tools
  • Lack of application performance as like slow or inaccurate
  • All manual editing will take more time to consume for videos and photos
  • Lack of trending and modern look in editing

List of some old versions of Wink APK for unlimited gems:

  • V
  • V
  • V
  • V
  • V 3.4.0
  • V 3.34.0
  • V and many others.


Wink APK is a video retouching tool with the various features in the free and paid version. Users choose free or paid versions according to their choice, but there is another choice for the users to use old versions of the Wink APK with unlimited gems or features. Old versions of Wink APK just work as like Wink Mod APK, but there are some new updated features like AI are not available. Users have to manually edit their content and consume more time for the preferred results.

Old versions of the Wink APK have features like no ads during the editing content, unlimited features in a free manner and lightweight application. On the other hand there is lack of many premium and trending features like AI modifications as AI animations, AI enhancing and retouching, AI beautifications etc. Many other trending tools and features are also not available in the old versions of Wink APK.

Users who do not want to pay any subscription; they can enjoy the old versions of the Wink APK and use unlimited gems or features for editing their photos and videos. Here, you can read all the blogs.


Is there any subscription for using the old versions of Wink APK?

No, old versions of Wink has the benefit to use all features in a free way without paying any subscriptions, and can edit the videos and photos in an unlimited manner. There is no ad features is also available for the users.

How to download and install the old versions of Wink APK in android devices or PC?

In Android devices, simply download and install the Wink application from Google play store and allow all permission from your device setting and start to use. In PC or laptop, download and install any Window supporting emulator like Blue stacks or MEmu, and from the Google play store available in the installed emulator’s display, search for Wink APK and download and install easily in your system.

Can we use AI features in the old versions of Wink APK?

No, AI is a trending and latest feature, and is not available in the old versions of the Wink APK. Users have to modify or edit their photos and videos with the using tools in a manual way.

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