Wink Video Retouching Tool for IOS Devices

Wink Video Retouching Tool for IOS Devices

Introduction to Wink Video Retouching Tool:

Wink video retouching is an application which allows retouching and enhancing the video and photo in a very attractive way. Users can edit their videos and photos as a professional look to share the videos and photos as personally or on any social media platform. Wink application has many additional features as like adding stickers and frames to the videos and photos. 3D photo editing as like 3D face or body reshaping is also available in the Wink application.

Wink Mod APK:

Wink video retouching tool has many features and options to edit the photos and videos in the free version. Wink Mod APK has many premium features and options for the users who want to edit their videos and photos in more attractive way. The users that want to create their videos and photo with the more professional look use Wink Mod APK.

Wink Mod APK has basic premium features as like No ads during the photos and videos editing, unlimited videos and photos editing and exporting and many other features as well.

Wink Video Retouching tool for IOS devices:

Wink Video retouching tool is also can be used by the IOS (iPhone or iPad) device users. IOS users always want best choices for the application that support their devices and work in an efficient way. They can edit their photos and videos as reshaping the body parts, adding filters and effects, enhancing and retouching in a professional manner. So, Wink application is best choice for the IOS users as free version or as Wink Mod APK.

Wink Video editing tool is also providing the feature to edit the photos and videos as Artificial intelligence (AI) with just one click. There are many AI supporting option as like auto beautifications, auto enhancing, auto color balancing or auto retouching as AI modifications. Users can get a fast and efficient result using AI for the photo and video editing.

Downloading and Installing the Wink Video retouching tool is IOS devices:

There are simple and easy steps to follow, and Wink Video retouching application will download and install in IOS devices.

Steps are as follow:

  • Go to the “App Store” in your iPhone or iPad
  • In the search bar type “Wink Video retouching tool”,
  • There will be two choice as “Wink Editor” and “Wink Pro Editor”, Wink editor is free version and Wink pro editor is paid version, choose as per your choice
  • If you are beginner or want to edit the photos and videos without paying any subscription then free version of Wink is best choice, simply click on “Wink editor” and it will install easily, launch the application and start to edit the videos and photos in your Apple devices
  • If you want to choose the “Wink Pro editor” or want to use all premium features then simply click on it and after installing you have to enter the payment method and details, pay and open and start to edit the videos and photos in an unlimited way.
  • In free version, you can use premium features for 3 times in 24 hours in your IOS devices.

Sharing and Exporting in IOS devices:

It is easy and simple to sharing and exporting the videos and photos in IOS devices:

  • Choose the quality of videos and photos as 720 pixels or 1080 pixels
  • Directly share the videos or photos to the social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or Facebook etc.
  • Export or save the edited videos or photos in your iClouds or gallery
  • Easily share the videos and photos with the friends and relatives

Troubleshoot issues in using Wink app in IOS devices:

Sometimes there are many troubleshooting issues while using the Wink video enhacing tool in IOS deviecs, don’t panic and try the following solutions to the problems:

Missing subscriptionsGo to app permissions, check the on/off option, refresh it in IOS device setting
Crash or lag in the Wink appRestart your IOS device, close other background running app
Large file importing issueCompress the video to get more space for the large size videos and again import the files
Slowing Premium featuresCheck your subscription period, if ended then purchase again to use premium features
Installation issuesReboot the IOS device, try again to install the Wink application, check for updates as well

Free and Paid features to use Wink video retouching tool for IOS:

Wink plansKey features
Free versionAll basic editing optionMinimum resolutionsLimited exporting the videos or photosLess advance toolsMinimum AI features
Monthly paid versionExport media in higher resolution All premium features More capabilities Extra transition effects More templates choices
Annual paid version4k video resolutionUnlimited exportsUnlimited using toolsCopyright free audiosUnlimited templates

Guidelines to use Wink Video retouching app in IOS devices:

Wink video retouching tool has friendly user interface and users can enjoy the features and option in an easy way in free or paid version as well.

However, for better user experience, there are following guidelines to follow in the IOS devices:

1: Turning on High efficiency mode:

By turning on the high efficiency mode in IOS devices, users face to use any application in an accurate and fast way. So, turn it on for the sake of fast and smooth working in the Wink video retouching application.

2: Choose optimized video formats for exporting videos:

There should be the formats which can maintain the space and storage of the IOS devices. Choose the MOV and MP4 formats for the videos. This will allows to utilize the less space and the device will not affect with the HEIC format.

3: Use AI repairing Tool:

In order to get the high quality result regarding photos and videos, users have to use AI repairing tool. It will consume less time in creating the high definition result.

4: Close other Applications for fast exporting:

Sometimes background running application slow the performance of Wink application and exporting the edited videos and photos slowly as well. If users want a fast editing experience and a fast exporting of videos and photos, then you must close the other running application.

5: Use video converter for other video formats:

If you have the video formats MPG or WMV then you should convert the videos in MP4 or MOV format, because Wink video retouching tool does not support MPG or WMV format video. So, always keep a video converter for converting the videos in supporting format before editing the videos in Wink video retouching tool. You can also read this blog for further information.


Wink video enhancing tool is an application which definitely supports the IOS (iPhone and iPad) devices easily as like Android devices. Users can easily download and install the application in their IOS devices and use them in a very frequent way. IOS device users can easily edit their photos and videos in Wink Video enhancing app, as it has a user friendly interface and users can easily share the edited videos and photos on the social media platforms as well. Here, you can read all the blogs.


What to do if my Apple device is facing error in installing the Wink Video retouching tool?

If there is any error in installing the Wink video retouching application; then you have to check the country setting or use a VPN that support your IOS device without any issue.

How to reduce the file size for fast exporting the videos and photos in IOS?

You have to keep a video converter or compressor for reducing the file size and adding more space in your device for exporting large size videos or photos in IOS devices.

Which video formats Wink video enhancing tool is not supporting?

Videos in MPG and WMV format is not supporting by the Wink video enhancing tool and users have to convert these video formats into MP4 or MOV format before editing.

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